How do I keep small animals out of my RV during storage?

The best method for keeping the critters out is to use mothballs. The trick to using the mothballs is NOT to scatter them (you'll spend a lot of time looking for "strays" if you do so). Purchase some inexpensive disposable bowls with lids and pour the mothballs into these containers. Poke holes in the containers, sufficient for air flow, but small enough to keep the mothballs "contained" as they diminish in size over time. Place these containers through out your RV, even underbelly storage compartments.

When it comes time to take your RV out of storage it is a simple matter of collecting the containers and airing out your RV.

Another item worth mentioning is the use of fabric softener dryer sheets. Place these inside drawers and cabinets. These are supposed to be good mice deterents.